About Me

I love to share stories about community. I am a recent graduate from the University of Washington majoring in journalism and minoring in education. I aim to work at a local nonprofit organization and continue to explore storytelling through different mediums: text, photo, and video. I have covered Seattle underrepresented ethnic minority and youth communities. My experiences with contacting sources for interviews, conducting both online and in-person interviews, writing stories through different mediums, and meeting quick deadlines have all helped me develop my current skillset of writing, interpersonal communication, and time management.

Community Storyteller

Community has always been important to me. I grew up in San Francisco and spent most of my time in the Chinatown area. As a child, I attended Chinese New Year events and heard stories from business owners there, which prompted my interest in writing about community, learning more about and covering community member experiences. Storytelling has been a way for me to connect to my own community, and I am passionate about sharing what community means for others through their own stories.